Buying a house as an Expat (EN) in the Netherlands.

Are you currently employed in the Netherlands or planning to be and considering purchasing a home in the country? We can provide you with information about the possibilities and assist you with obtaining an expat mortgage.

Purchasing a home in the Netherlands as an expat involves compliance with several rules and regulations. At our company, we have extensive experience working with expats and collaborating closely with partners who offer additional opportunities for expats. Our expertise in serving expats spans many years.

One of our major unique selling points (USPs) is providing comprehensive support throughout the entire process, including notary services, real estate agents, mortgage advisors, insurance, and more. We pride ourselves on ensuring a hassle-free experience for expats, handling all aspects of the transaction with utmost care.

Below are a few considerations to keep in mind.

• You must work and reside in the Netherlands to obtain a Dutch mortgage. Some banks require you to have lived in the country for at least six months, which can be proven with a payslip, employer statement, or residence permit.

• If you use some or all of your savings to finance the mortgage, the money must be in a Dutch bank account.

With our free consultation, we can help you determine the possibilities based on your personal preferences and goals.

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